Oodle to Connect Classifieds Accounts to eBay

Oodle said it would soon enable users to connect their accounts to eBay, LinkedIn, Trulia and Zillow as part of its new, “more social,” user interface. Oodle aggregates classifieds listings from around the web and also powers classifieds for over 200 leading brands including Cox Interactive, Media General, the Washington Post, Walmart, AOL and Lycos.

Oodle also powers the classifieds services on social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace. Listings posted through Oodle now appear in users’ social streams on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in addition to the Oodle-powered marketplaces, which include Oodle.com and Facebook Marketplace.

CEO Craig Donato wrote about Oodle’s new interface for making listings more social on the company blog, stating, “People get to see the person behind the listings before choosing to meet them, providing a cleaner-well-lit environment to make a handshake. Users checking out listings also benefit. They can solicit their social networks for trusted advice and recommendations. ”

Oodle was founded by former Excite and eBay executives and is available in the U.S. (www.oodle.com), Canada (canada.oodle.com) and UK (www.oodle.co.uk).

By Ina Steiner
January 7, 2010
source: auctionbytes.com