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Digg To Layoff 37% Of Staff

diggIt was just a few months ago that Digg dropped 10% of its staff. Now the company is making much deeper cuts – 25 employees will be laid off, a little more than 37% of Digg’s total staff.

This comes on top of news that Digg lost their chief revenue officer, Chas Edwards, earlier today.

I spoke with founder Kevin Rose and new CEO Matt Williams about the cuts earlier this morning. The company will be refocusing the Digg product, Williams says, and more announcements will be made tomorrow. more…

About surviving job loss

1. Build a support team.

Surround yourself with those who believe in you. “This will strengthen your self-esteem and reinforce your confidence,” Mary Mendenhall Core said. “I have friends who follow up if they haven’t heard from me. It’s a great feeling to know these friends are there, and that they care.” more…

Prostest planned at Craigslist office

Here’s a scene we’d like to see (but we’re betting we won’t):
Women picket outside Craigslist’s offices in San Francisco, frustrated with the company’s approach to ads that lead to prostitution. Jim Buckmaster, the lanky CEO of the free-classifieds site, wanders outside to talk with them directly and explain his position on why the company offers “adult services” ads – and to learn about their complaints and ways the company could improve. more…

Adecco Group’s Workplace Economy – June 2009

Does a Work Vacation Put Your Job at Risk?

Photo credit: Caroline Woodham/Getty Images

Photo credit: Caroline Woodham/Getty Images

This summer, working moms may find it harder to unplug than usual. With so many workplaces short-staffed and everyone worried about job security, going away can seem like more trouble — and risk — than it’s worth.

Indeed, 35 percent of workers told that they aren’t planning to take a single vacation in 2009. 71 percent of those skipping the beach simply can’t afford it. more…

Summer Job Outlook Offers Little Hope In Recession

Employers in some industries may be gearing up to hire as many summer workers as they did last year. But high unemployment due to the nation’s economic malaise means a crowded field for jobseekers.

In Chicago, meanwhile, the situation may be more mixed than upbeat, according to some local employers. They say the number of job openings here this year will be far out-numbered by the job applications from experienced workers, high schoolers and college students. more…

Seek Help From Friends When In Need Of a Job

Say you were in the hospital recovering from minor surgery and wanted to get home. Most likely you’d call family or friends.

Now suppose you lost your job. Would you call the same friends? Some folks do, but many opt for faceless sites such as or start networking with recruiters and other strangers.

“Take everything you’ve ever known about networking and throw it out,” Bob Beaudine, an entertainment executive recruiter, told IBD. “Talking to people you don’t know, handing out business cards like mints “” that doesn’t work.” more…

EBay to Close Burnaby Facility; About 700 Jobs Lost

The eBay sign sits outside the companys headquarters in San Jose, California. Photograph by: Handout photo, Handout photo

The eBay sign sits outside the company's headquarters in San Jose, California. Photograph by: Handout photo

E-commerce giant eBay is closing its Metro Vancouver customer-service office and cutting about 700 jobs as it consolidates customer-service operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company announced late Tuesday.

The office, located in Burnaby, will be closed by Sept. 30 as the company tries to “capture efficiencies” and expand its customer support efforts. more…