Daype: A New Kind of Classifieds

Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay. There are so many classifieds sites out there, and startups come and go in the blink of an eye. Enter newcomer Daype, a new kind of classifieds service. The brainchild of IT exec and CEO Andris Stinka, DAYPE, Inc. is a private company with six private investors (including former UCI men’s basketball star Raimonds Miglinieks).

Why start another classifieds service that would have to compete with bigwigs Craigslist and eBay? Because user needs are not being met. In the words of CEO Andris,”Daype believes that the online classifieds industry holds huge potential and that there are many opportunities for innovation and new business models in this field.” And it’s clear that Daype is out to explore that potential.

Raimonds Miglinieks, a former basketball star of UCI, and one of Daype’s main investors.

Taking all the good points of the major players, Daype seamlessly integrates these features into a simple, user friendly interface. So just what is it that makes the Daype UI so special? It’s deliberately designed to make classifieds searching intuitive, meaning that anyone with a computer can learn to use the service in just a few minutes.

Just a few ways Daype makes using a classifieds service easier:

1. No more clicking back and forth to find what you want. Through the use of pictures on the result pages, Daype helps users narrow down their search quickly and easily.
2. Not sure exactly what category you want to search in? Daype uses an eBay style category menu on the left hand side of the page, meaning that users can do a general search, then drill down to the most relevant categories in just a few seconds.
3. Forgetful? Not sure if you’re really interested in an item, and want a bit of time to think about it? With simple to set up, completely free user accounts, Daype helps its users create watch-lists and keep track of searches and contacts.
4. Can’t find what you’re looking for? An easy-access menu at the top of the page lets users switch cities with just one click.
5. Despite its newbie status, (Daype only began development in 2006), the service is already available in most major US cities. (Popular cities include Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York.)

Ready to start using Daype? Here’s what you need to know.

How to post an ad


1. Go to
2. Select your city from the top menu bar (see picture, above) to go to the Daype page for your area.
3. Click on “Post Free Ads!”, on the left hand side of the top menu bar.
4. Select category.
5. You should now be looking at an easy-to-use form with a few text boxes. Fill in all the details (make sure you check the appropriate box for “offering” or “want”), include your email address and contact details, add images if you have them (always good if you’re selling something), and hit continue.
6. Preview your ad, click “edit” to make changes if you need to, then click to post and you’re done! Tip: make sure the “Please send me an email with links that will let me edit and delete my ad” box is checked for easy ad tracking and editing.
7. Hit “save”, post your ad, and you’re all done!

Paid Options

Although Daype is a free service, there are a few paid options within the ad posting process. If you’re looking for old newspapers or selling a side table, these options probably aren’t for you. But, if your ad is being posted to a high traffic section of Daype, then a paid option might not be a bad idea. Why?

1. Stand out from the crowd – being the first ad to catch a buyer’s eye can help cement a sale. Purchasing a colored listing ($8.95) is a great way to do this.
2. Be detailed – including extra images on the results page and within your ad ($18.95) helps buyers see the quality of your product.
3. Using the “featured listing” option ($48.95/week) places your ad at the top of its category. This is particularly useful in the highest traffic areas – such as services, autos, housing, and jobs – investing in the placement of your ad shows buyers that you’re serious about your sales.

How to reply to an ad


1. Select your city, then search or click through to the category you’re interested in.
2. Click through to the ad you’d like to read.
3. Read the ad carefully, then, after determining that you’re interested, scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side is a phone number field; beneath that is a link to “contact poster”.
4. If you’d prefer not to call, click the link – it should bring up an email address. (Tip: typos are real. If the email address isn’t blue, or underlined, be aware that it might be broken.)
5. Click on the email address. This should get your mail editor to open a new message with the “to” field already filled in. Didn’t work? The address may be broken, or the account deleted. If you still want to try and answer the ad, copy and paste the email address listed into a new message.
6. Write your message, hit send, and you’re done!


Responding to ads can be a bit intimidating – after all, it can be hard to tell if you’re really interested in that vintage piano stool, or if you’re on an impulse buying spree. Enter Daype’s watchlist feature. Similar to eBay in function, Daype’s watchlist lets users keep an eye on ads they’re interested in.

So how do you use it? Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the “watch this ad” link on the right hand side. Click through to add the posting to your watchlist. Want to look over your watchlist? Easy – just click on the MyDaype link at the top of the page, then follow the prompts.

Tip: you don’t need to register for a user account to use the watchlist feature, though setting up a user account is recommended (more below).

User Accounts

Because posting and managing ads can be involved and time consuming, Daype makes life easier by offering users the option of signing up for a Daype account. (Tip: to sign up, just click on the “register” link in the top right of any page.)

A few reasons to set up an account:

1. Efficiency. A user account lets you post and manage your ads without having to confirm each action via email.
2. Recognition. Registration lets you set a nickname, maintaining your anonymity, but letting you create buyer recognition and trust each time you post.
3. Participation. Daype has discussion boards open to all registered users – a great way to make connections in your area.
4. Skypeability. Registration lets users include their Skype information, making it even easier for buyers to get in touch.

Andris Stinka, CEO of Daype Inc.

Simple, easy to use, and created with the user in mind, Daype is a promising new classifieds service worth a look. It’s full of features to make your classifieds life easier. But, perhaps best of all, Daype’s creators are constantly looking for ways to make their user interface better. Learning from and responding to user feedback is one of the things that sets Daype apart. But that’s not all. According to Stinka, “[Daype] wants to become a significant global player in the online classifieds as well as online auctions field. Daype is soon going to launch country specific websites in Canada and in the UK.”

Have feedback? Tell Daype about it at

By Peta Andersen
September 17, 2009